Belgian authorities launch European Regulatory Platform on Gambling

Last Thursday, Sirius Legal partner Dirk Bogaerts attended the national summit on gambling law organized by the Belgian Gambling Commission (“Staten Generaal rond Kansspelen”).  One of the most interesting discussions that he participated in is the launch of a European Regulatory Platform by the Belgian Government.

The Belgian Gambling Commission has taken the initiative to launch a new European Regulatory Platform or ERP. The objective of this platform is to be a think tank and an intermediary between the industry, the European national regulating bodies and the European and International institutions.

Currently the ERP is interacting mainly with industry associations (EGBA, Euromat, etc), but the ERP will also be exploring the possibilities of cooperation between regulators and will propose solutions for crossborder problems.  In brief the ERP will become the liaison with other regulatory associations around the world.

The ERP will be structured as a Belgian International non-profit association approved by Royal Decree. It will consist of a Board of Directors a General Assembly and several committees. The General Assembly will be composed of European gambling regulators. The Board of Directors will consist of a president and one member per country or region. The first President will be Belgian, since the ERP is a Belgian initiative.

The first activities of the ERP will include an overview of the current European case law and an analyses and discussion of  the 6 key points presented by EU Commissioner Barnier: Cooperation, Consumer Protection, Addiction, Fight Against Fraud, Integrity of Sport and Compliance with TFEU).

The objective is for the ERP to fully operational by March 1st, 2012. The founding of the ERP will without a doubt be an importantstepstone in the future development towards a European common legislation on gambling and betting.