Consulegis European Regional Meeting

LuzernOur international network of lawfirms Consulegis held its semi-annual European Regional Meeting in Lucerne, Switzerland on 26 and 27 February 2016.  

Sirius Legal, as a recent member since the beginning of 2015, was represented by Bart Van Besien, Lien Van de Kelder and Dirk Bogaerts at this European Regional Meeting at Lucerne, Switzerland.

The meeting was perfectly organised by our colleagues of Hutte law, Chaam, Switzerland.

Kicking of Thursday afternoon on the topic of Asset Management in different jurisdictions (UK, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland) it became clear that there is a huge difference in how this subject is handled in the respective countries and that there is still a lot of work left to be done from a legislative point of view, especially in Belgium.

The day ended on the snow-covered peak of the “Seebodenalp” where the ride by cable car was an adventure in the pitch-black night. The typical Swiss fondue was the ideal setting for a nice networking atmosphere.

Friday started with the presentation of several corporate structures in different European jurisdictions (forum shopping is back as a topic) and ended with a workshop on economic development in the European Community (economic, legal and tax developments in different Swiss cantons and different European countries).

The conference ended on Saturday with the ‘Young lawyers’ breakfast’ and presentations on e.g. IP-tax structures, liability of directors, privacy aspects of data disclosure to the USA, etc.

The next meeting is the Annual General Assembly and Spring Conference and this will be held in Milan, Italy, from 5 to 8 May 2016.  Our firm will be represented by Marinus vromans and Bart Van Besien.

Here is the official meeeting report by Consulegis:

CONSULEGIS European Regional Meeting 2016

From February 26, 2016 to February 27, 2016 the European Regional Meeting has taken place in Cham/Zug and in Lucerne.

The whole event started with the pre seminar on Thursday afternoon, 25th of February 2016 at 2 pm, when members of CONSULEGIS met in Cham in the premises of AMAG/HütteLAW forum in order to discuss the different opportunities related to the latest changes in laws in Asset Management in Europe. As Asset Management becomes more and more restricted and as the work of the asset managers becomes more and more a burden to fulfill all administrative tasks, we compared the legislations in Luxembourg, Switzerland, UK, Germany and Belgium. 35 people joined this event, so that a lively discussion followed the speeches.

After check in at the Hotel Rigi Royal, our Congress Hotel, we rode the cable car from Küssnacht am Rigi up to the Seebodenalp to experience a delicious Swiss cheese fondue accompanied by a glass of Fendant, a fine Swiss wine, in a small cabin surrounded by 20 cm of fresh snow. It could not have been more typical!!

On Friday morning the pre-seminar continued with speeches by different representatives about the structure and the latest development in corporate law of their mother country. Around 40 people participated and got professional insight into German, Dutch, Polish, UK, French, Belgium, Spanish, Rumanian and Italian corporate law. Each speech lasted 20 minutes only. This gave a nice opportunity for an efficient update of the respective legislation. After a network coffee, Dr. Thomas Mannsdorfer, representative of ANV Ltd. in Barcelona, presented the opportunities of a M&A-insurance, to insure potential risks out of representations and warranties in M&A transactions. In particular if the risk bearing or liable party is in a difficult situation, such an insurance can protect the buyer in a share or asset deal. More and more it is also used as a seller insurance to grant more comfort.

The pre seminars were a great success with exceptional numerous participants. In particular the part about corporate law is easy to reproduce based on the clear structure. It was perfect, that we could benefit from the knowhow of all around Europe, being concentrated at this event.

The official CONSULEGIS European Regional Meeting started on Friday, 25th of February 2016 at noon with lunch. Thereafter, Mr. Albert von Wallenrodt held an initial speech about the structure of economical programs in Europe, how they look like and which key points are used today to attract companies to one or another place. The speech of Mr. von Wallenrodt was focused on a European picture, whereas the next speaker was more focused on a regional level. Mr. Patrick Dümmler presented the medtec cluster of Switzerland, followed by Mr. Bulgheroni, who represented the local approach of the Canton of Zug. The interesting result of the speeches was, that the regions and cantons focused more on the already existing network and on the existing brain in certain industry, whereas in Europe it seems that loans, grants and tax advantages are main arguments to attract companies. In the following discussion, all participants of the CONSULEGIS European Regional Meeting 2016 exposed their local benefits. It was very interesting to hear, how the respective economic development is supported by state programs of some countries. It was great to have such a wide variety of very well informed representatives, so that lively discussions and exchanges of opinions started. At 5 pm we started with presentations of members of CONSULEGIS, which continued on Saturday morning.

After the speeches on Friday afternoon, HütteLAW offered some cheese, dried meat, quiches and homemade soup at their premises. This food experience was accompanied by a wine tasting of different Swiss wines. Back at the hotel, we got ready for a night walk, arriving on top of a nearby hill, hot “Glühwein” was served while we were listening to the sound of an Alphorn as well as enjoying a wonderful view over the lake of Zug and the lake of Lucerne.

Saturday morning started with the young lawyers brunch, where securities were discussed and the activities for the general assembly in Milano were coordinated. The almost 20 participants in the young lawyers brunch disclosed, that we could attract an essential number of young lawyers to the CONSULEGIS European Regional Meeting and that very favorable prices resulting of a lower level in accommodation seems to be the correct strategy for this kind of meetings. It was very interesting to see, that the participants were very active, very present and very involved. Therefore a speech of 20 minutes was easily followed by a discussion of half an hour.

On Saturday afternoon the event was closed by a touristic visit to Lucerne. The sights of Lucerne were nice to see and many of the participants discovered this beautiful town, we did not forget to taste “Luzerner Lebkuchen” and obviously locally brewed beer.

Last but not least we would like to thank all participants that have not dreaded the long way to the Swiss mountains and have participated actively during the meeting. The involvement was important. That’s the only way, how we can keep our network live and vibrant. We enjoyed very much, to have hosted the CONSULEGIS European Regional Meeting 2016 in Lucerne. It was only possible due to the tremendous support of both Anke and our employees. As Denis mentioned, behind the scenery, there were many things to organize and handle, including last minute changes. We will all keep this event in great memory.

You will find all the presentations from the meeting for download on the CONSULEGIS website:

We thank HütteLAW for hosting this wonderful meeting and for the unique experience in Lucerne.