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19.10.2022 Matthias Vandamme

Abolition of the Belgian copyright tax optimisation for non-artists: legally and economically a big mistake

In the recent coalition agreement, a remarkable decision was taken regarding the copyright tax optimisation regime. The minister...

25.01.2022 Bart Van den Brande

Good news if you want to apply for a trademark: the EU provides a discount up to 75%

Interesting news for entrepreneurs who want to protect their trademark: In 2022, the European Union will provide vouchers or cou...

03.11.2021 Bart Van den Brande

Recent ECJ decision confirms: be careful with online scrapers and crawlers, they are often illegal

We receive a lot of questions from online start-ups about the use of online scrapers and crawlers to collect content from other ...

28.10.2021 Bart Van den Brande

Nespresso capsules for everyone? Why technically necessary forms cannot constitute a valid trademark

We all know Nespresso, but what you may not have known is that the Nespresso capsules that George Clooney touted to us for years...

14.09.2021 Bart Van den Brande

30 September 2021: Deadline to not lose your trademarks and designs in the UK as an aftermath of Brexit

For most companies Brexit is a distant memory but its consequences can be felt until this day. Furthermore, those who own a EU-t...

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19.02.2021 Matthias Vandamme

How to avoid copyright infringements when providing content to your website?

Images and other content that is publicly available on the Internet are also protected by copyright. All too often we are contac...

04.05.2020 Bart Van den Brande


Everyone tries to do their part during the corona crisis, each in their own way. For example, RUMAG is a marketing company that ...

23.04.2020 Sophie Vercraeye

World Book and Copyright Day: during this Coronacrisis flexibility is much needed

Today is ‘World Book and Copyright Day’. During this Coronacrisis, books not only help to prevent boredom, they can also pro...

10.02.2020 Sophie Vercraeye

Sky vs Skykick: A trademark without an intent of use is bad faith

A recent judgment of the European Court of Justice makes it clear that trademark applicants must be very careful when filing a t...

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