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02.02.2022 Bart Van den Brande

Google Fonts on your website? Do not share IP addresses with Google because of GDPR

We have to admit that we ourselves were a bit surprised when we read a recent German judgment.  It taught us an unexpected less...

20.01.2022 Isha Upadhyaya

The importance of understanding the difference between anonymization and pseudonymisation

At Sirius Legal we receive questions on a regular basis concerning the anonymisation of personal data. Often, the difference bet...

07.12.2021 Bart Van den Brande

No, an eID card reader is really not appropriate for the creation of loyalty cards

The Court of Cassation recently issued an important ruling on one of the first and longest-running procedures for breaches of th...

01.10.2021 Bart Van den Brande

The New Data Protection Act (PIPL) in China explained by our Chinese partner office

Since 10 June 2021, China has a new Data Protection Act, called PIPL.  At first sight, there are many resemblances with GDPR, b...

21.06.2021 Bart Van den Brande

New SCC’s are available: adjust your data export agreements

Since last summer’s Schrems II judgment, about which we have repeatedly reported on our blog, exporting personal data outs...

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08.04.2021 Bart Van den Brande

How The Bavarian Mailchimp decision makes the impact of the Schrems II judgment on data export painfully clear

A recent decision by the Bavarian data protection authority raises serious doubts about whether the popular email marketing plat...

07.01.2021 Bart Van den Brande

A bit of important GDPR news at the beginning of this new year: Brexit and Standard Contract Clauses

2020 was a turbulent year for the entire world for obvious reasons, but also specifically when it comes to GDPR the year did not...

19.11.2020 An Haenen

The practical guide on retention periods for personal data

An important principle that companies must take into account when processing personal data is the principle of storage limitatio...