Gambling law

Gambling law

The Sirius Legal Gambling team has built up exentisive experience in the legal aspects of gambling, gaming, betting, lotteries and poker, both in the real world, on the internet and more recently on mobile applications. Due to the rapid development of online gambling worldwide and especially in Belgium, we can give you up-to-date and accurate advice on all legal issues that may arise in the field of gambling and betting.

Sirius Legal’s lawyers worked closely with market players and the tax authorities in setting up the new VAT directive and the directive on gambling and betting tax.

We have in the past assisted one of the major players seeking access to the  Belgian market for online gambling and betting with all its regulatory needs, tax aspects and applying for the various licenses. We also regularly assist operators, professional poker players, media companies, arcade operators and software suppliers with advice, contract negotiations and discussions with the government.

Our lawyers can help you with the legal, day-to-day operational and fiscal level and can closely follow all new developments within your business sector.

Recent cases

Our lawyers have recently:

  • assisted a licensee for the operation of online and offline casino games with questions about advertising and promotional competitions for his activities
  • assisted operators in administrative proceedings before the Belgian regulator
  • advised an owner of a foreign affiliate website on Belgian gambling legislation and consumer protection legislation
  • advised an international provider of gambling on the Belgian gambling law, licensing requirements, setting up a Belgian branch and the commercial aspects of gambling in Belgium
  • assisted various professional poker players with tax advice
  • advised TV channels on Belgian gambling legislation regarding poker programs and advertising for online poker and real life poker tournaments
  • assisted an international provider of gambling games for regulatory and operational matters
  • held a seminar for advertisers, TV and radio stations, webhosters, game providers on the coming royal decree establishing an ethical code for electronic communication
  • advised an advertising and marketing agency on the possible implications under the gambling legislation of a large-scale online game concept
  • assisted a Dutch media company in a dispute regarding the application of gambling tax in Belgium to mobile games


Questions about the legal aspects of gambling? Our team is happy to help you. Please contact Bart Van den Brande at or via the form below.