Intellectual property

Intellectual property

The value of your company is not only determined by the goods and services you sell. All too often companies forget the value and importance of their name, trademark, logo or image and how important their ideas and projects are for the future of the company.

The protection of your brand or logo, the drafting of confidentiality agreements for your know-how or ideas, advice on copyright, non-competition clauses, software and database protection, cease and desist proceedings and seizures regarding counterfeiting, … is daily business for our lawyers.

Authors and artists choose us

For over twenty years, Sirius Legal has been one of the selected partners of the Belgian collective for authors Sabam and has been assisting Belgian authors on a daily basis.

More than just legal advice

Sirius Legal likes to share its knowledge of intellectual property.  You will find our lawyers not only on Twitter or on our firms’ blog, they also speak at seminars, teach and give lectures.  We are also a freelance editor for the specialized Dutch websites, en and and


Recent cases

Recently our lawyers have: 

  • assisted a design studio in a counterfeiting dispute for design interior items
  • defended an internationally recognized photographer in a dispute about online abuse of photos and videos
  • assisted a collective management company in a dispute with a satellite distributor concerning the rights to distribute TV signals via satellite
  • assisted a training institute in working out the copyright reimbursement scheme for its teachers
  • assisted countless companies with trademark checks and trademark registrations
  • assisted a magazine publisher in a copyright dispute with regard to the operators of an image database
  • given extensive advice on copyright, database rights and privacy rights to a start-up interactive patient platform on the internet
  • given advice to a leading Belgian publisher on database rights, software protection and copyright
  • advised an Asian electronics producer on brand protection, market practices and changing the company name
  • assisted a satellite internet service provider with the transfer of IP contracts
  • advised a clothing brand on the transfer of IP contracts with regard to the design of clothing collections
  • assisted a TV broadcaster in a conflict with a cable distributor
  • carried out a full audit of copyright and related rights for a large radio and television group
  • assisted an Italian company in a dispute concerning brands and patents with a car manufacturer
  • advised a Belgian professional association in the insurance sector on questions regarding the protection of their copyright and database rights to their online tools
  • provided Flemish museums advice on copyright in a digital environment
  • advised an IT company on the tax aspects of their copyrights
  • assisted a copyright management company for the rights of the author in legal proceedings against radio stations, web radios, editors, auctioneers, …


Questions about intellectual property rights? Do you want to protect your brand or logo or do you have questions about copyright? Our team is happy to assist you. Contact us via the form below: