Intellectual property

intellectual property

The value of your company is not only determined by the goods and services you sell. All too often companies forget the value and importance of their name, trademark, logo or image and how important their ideas and projects are for the future of the company.

The protection of your trademark, logo, design or creation, model, drafting off NDA’s, exclusivity clauses, cease-and-desist proceedings, actions against counterfeit goods, etc. Sirius Legal has build a day-to-day experience in these matters over a period of many years.


Authors and artists choose us

It is easy to say that we are strong in intellectual property, but sometimes the facts speak for themselves… For over a decade, Sirius Legal has been one of the selected partners of the Belgian collective collecting agency for authors Sabam and has been assisting Belgian authors on a daily basis.


More than just legal advice

Sirius Legal likes to share its knowledge of intellectual property.  You will find our lawyers not only on Twitter or on our firms’ blog, they also speak at seminars, teach, give lectures, as we did recently for a selection of Flemish Musea through the “Vlaamse Kunstcollectie”.  We are also a freelance editor for the specialized Dutch websites, en and and


recent cases

Recent our lawyers have a.o.

  • assisted a magazine editor in a court case concerning the use of an image database
  • gave an extensive legal opinion to a start up interactive patient platform on the internet
  • gave a legal opinion to a well known Belgian book editor concerning copyright, software protection and database protection
  • assisted an Asian electronics  producer on trademark protection of its products and company name as part of a company name change
  • assisted a satellite internet service provider with transfer of IP contracts
  • advised a movie producer on aspects op privacy law, portrait rights and production agreements
  • advised a clothing retailer on transfer of IP and copyright contracts with its designers
  • advised another national clothing retailer in a dispute with a competitor concerning possible copyright issues in an advertisement campaign
  • assisted a tv broadcaster in a dispute with a cable distributor
  • performed a full IP/copyright audit for a national radio and tv broadcaster
  • assisted an Italian company in a dispute with a car manufacturer on trademark and patent violations
  • assisted an individual in a penal court case concerning copyright infringement on the internet
  • advised a Belgian professional organisation in the insurance een sector on questions concerning copyrigt, software protection and database protection surrounding a series of online tools for insurance companies and brokers
  • advised several Flemish musea on copyright in a digital environment
  • advised an IT company on tax aspects of their company copyright management
  • advised a tv broadcaster on legal aspects of private copy levies