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Sirius Legal is investing actively in international contacts. After all, we do not only want to be able to assist our clients in Belgium, but throughout the world.

Sirius Legal is therefore a member of some of the strongest and most dynamic international networks of independent law firms Consulegis, Eurolegal and Smart Cities Law Firms.

In this way we can guarantee our clients worldwide representation.

As experienced entrepreneurs, we know how fast the world is changing today and how small it has become. Borders are disappearing and business partners on the other side of the world are just a click away.

For innovative and creative companies, this global society offers infinite possibilities that sounded like science fiction just a few years ago.

Unfortunately, these new possibilities are causing numerous new potential problems, risks, conflicts and there is a good chance that you will be confronted at a certain moment with problems that are geographically thousands of miles away from your home base.


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Consulegis is an international network of independent law firms. With members in 150 cities across more than 50 countries on all continents, Consulegis is one of the largest and most widely distributed international lawyer networks.

But Consulegis, unlike many lawyers’ networks, is much more than an address book. It is an active network of small, independent law firms that work very closely together. The members are carefully selected and then actively work together in the context of publications, working groups, and joint assignments with an international radius.

Sirius Legal is a member of the Specialist Group Intellectual Property, Entertainment and Information technology and the Specialist Group Corporate and Tax. From these Specialist Groups we participate in the exchange of information on local legislation and case law in the different countries and in publications in our specializations.

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Sirius Legal is also a member of Eurolegal, an international network of independent law firms. Our Eurolegal membership guarantees us additional international coverage in those countries where Consulegis or EuroCollectNet would not be active.



Smart Cities Law Firms

Smart Cities Law Firm

Sirius Legal is also a member of Smart Cities Law Firms, a collective of eight European law firms with specializations in ICT, privacy, internet and communication, which specifically address the challenges associated with the transition from our society to a digital world, which includes governments, cities and municipalities try to become a real “smart city” for the future through innovative technological projects.

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