Labour law

labour law

Our services in labour law include consultation, reading of legal deeds, meetings and legal defence.

We offer larger companies the option of temporary management when a particular project requires reinforcement of the team of legal advisors or in the case of absence of the company’s legal advisor responsible for employment issues.  The services are undertaken within the company on its request.

our services

Individual employment law

  • Employment contract
  • Choice of status: worker, company director, freelancer, management company
  • Optimization of remuneration (salary split, variable remuneration, benefits in kind, reimbursement of expenses, etc.)
  • Temporary and supply work
  • Foreign workers and secondment
  • Prevention and measures against competitive activities practised by (former) workers, poaching of staff
  • Termination of employment contract
  • Early retirement 

Collective law

  • Establishment of work regulation and internal policies (car policy, internet policy, mobile phone policy, etc.)
  • Organisation of working time
  • Prevention and protection at work
  • Corporate aspects with regard to restructuring and company transfer 

Social Security law

  • Application of social legislation relative to employees and freelancers 

Services to individual workers

We also offer our services to individuals: employed management staff, freelancers, company directors.

We assist these various people at all stages of the collaboration binding them to the company: 

  • Conclusion of the contract: we advise individuals in the writing of all types of contract: employment contract, services contract, management contract. It will particularly draw their attention to the consequences of certain clauses, notably at the end of contractual relations
  • Amendment to contract during execution
  • Termination of contractual relations: we advise individuals, assists them in meetings and negotiations, and defends their interests in legal proceedings.