Media & internet

Advertising and Media law

Sirius Legal is very active in the world of media and advertising.  We regularly assist TV and radio broadcasters, advertising agencies, online marketeers, SEO  specialists, consultants, producers, advertisers, talent agencies that are looking for specialized legal assistance.

Our many years of expertise allow us to understand and assist our clients contract negotiations, dispute resolution both inside and outside of the courts, legal opinions, lobbying and contact with governments and with bodies like JEP or VRM.

Sirius Legal offers amongst others protection agreements, license contracts, NDA’s and protection of know-how, trademark services, copyright, consumer protection, unfair trade practices, …

Campaign Checker

Agencies and advertisers are regularly confronted with questions concerning their campaign design, but don’t always have adequate in-house legal know-how.

This is why Sirius Legal has developed Campaign Checker, an online service for  advertisers,  agencies and anyone with questions surrounding advertising campaigns.  We offer fast and pragmatic advice, within 24 hours for a fixed fee of 300 euro per consultation.

recent cases

Recently our lawyers have a.o.:

  • Advised a foreign affiliate website owner on Belgian gambling law and consumer protection law
  • Assisted a series of online retailers with the set-up of a coupon and gift voucher system
  • Advised a film production house on privacy, right of image as well as on production contracts
  • Assisted a tv broadcaster with the drafting of a marketing partnership agreement
  • Is assisting a foreign media group with the set-up of their business in Belgium
  • Advised a national clothing retailer in a dispute concerning possible copyright infringements on its ad campaign by a competitor
  • Assisted a marketing company with the legal aspects and contracts related to the set-up of a national sampling and promotion campaign for an international domestic electronics producer
  • Was the official partner of the first national Day of the Webshop
  • Assisted a publicity agency during the launch of a new product in various member states of the European Union
  • Assisted a TV broadcaster in a conflict with a cable distributor
  • Performed a full audit of copyrights and neighbouring rights for a major TV and radio broadcasting group
  • Assisted the founders of a consumer interests website in the launching of their website
  • Advised on a regular basis via
  • Advised a bank on an online advertisement campaign
  • Drafted general terms of agreement for an online auction as part of an advertising agency’s campaign for a not-for-profit organization
  • Advised different TV broadcasters on Belgian gambling law relating to poker programs and advertisement for online poker and real life poker tournaments
  • Drafted numerous game rules for real life games, online games, poker tournaments
  • Drafted a sector wide standard contract for digital marketing contracts and held a seminar for  legal and commercial managers of major national and international advertisers on this standard advertiser-agency contract
  • Held a seminar for advertisers, TV- and radio stations, web hosters, game providers on the upcoming Royal Decree imposing an ethical code for electronic communications
  • Assisted a Belgian TV station in a court case against a distribution platform.  Case is still pending in appeal.

IT internet & e-commerce

Sirius Legal is a true specialist in e-commerce.  We have been assisting both starting and established online entrepreneurs in all aspects of their business for a long time.

From the first steps of an online entrepreneur on the Internet or in the real world, we are ready to assist, to guide and to inform.  You can count on us for incorporation, contracted your web designer, suppliers or partners, drafting of your general terms of sale, analysis of your sales process, advise him privacy and consumer protection matters, etc.

Internet has profoundly changed society over the past 20 years.  But despite the deep influence and omnipresence of Internet, it remains from a legal point of view the young and immature form of media. The proof of this is found in the legal uncertainty that surrounds Internet and that is partly caused by the rapid changes that are part of the online universe.
Questions surrounding privacy, social media, downloading and uploading, cloud computing, domain name grabbing and so many others are not only carefully examined by Sirius Legal, but are also part of our day to day practice.

Software developers, app developers, software distributors, consultants and IT specialists are also at home at Sirius Legal.

An important part of our activities consists of the drafting of license agreements, EULA’s, SaaS agreements, SLA’s, hosting and warehousing agreements, source code escrow agreements, … for a clientele, ranging from small independent consultants to international software distributors.


website certifier

99% of Belgian websites does not comply to all legal obligations. Does your website stand the test?

Sirius Legal has developed the perfect online tool to give your website a full legal check with useful tips for a fixed fee of only 750€.
Check for the exact conditions of this service.

recent cases

Recently our lawyers have a.o.:

  • Advised an Asian electronics producer on trademark protection, market practices and company name changes
  • Is assisting a tour operator in a dispute regarding the development of its website and the hosting and maintenance of its website
  • Assisted an IT-consultantcy start-up with the drafting of all necessary legal documents
  • Gave several presentations on e-commerce at a series of seminars ogansied by the Belgian federation of web developers Feweb
  • Is assisting a retailer in erotic products with both his online and offline distribution chanels
  • Advised someone in a public function in a matter of e-mail theft and slander
  • Advised a private client in a police investigation concerning alledged acts of cyber crime
  • Assisted an online retailer in a dispute with its e-commerce website builder
  • Assisted a software developer with the drafting of modular and adaptable standard contracts
  • Assisted another software developer with the legal aspects of the setup of its online software distribution system, including end user licenses, website terms of use, privacy policy, …
  • Assisted a smartphone app developer with his end user licenses and privacy policies
  • Was the official partner of the first national Day of the Webshop
  • Assisted the founders of a consumer interests website in the launching of their website
  • Offered free first line legal assistance tot e-commerce start up initiatives at e-shop expo in Tour & Taxis, Brussels
  • Assisted a Belgian online travel agency and travel broadcaster in several commercial matters
  • Advised a Belgian trade association on questions concerning the protection of their copyright and database rights on their online tools
  • Drafted general terms of agreement for an online auction as part of an advertising agency’s campaign for a not-for-profit organization
  • Handled a legal interim project for an important Belgian telecom company
  • Advised Flemish museums on copyright in a digital environment
  • Advised an IT company on the tax aspects of their copyright structure
  • Assisted another IT company in its contract negotiations with an international group
  • Built a legal assistance module for the real estate e-commerce website, which will be operated by all Sirius Legal lawyers
  • Closed an out of court settlement for a major insurance company with a software developer  after having obtained a first favorable court decision
  • Set up the legal structure for the US distribution network of a Belgian software developer
  • Assured compliance to Belgian privacy and data protection law for a British online dating platform coming to Belgium
  • Won a court case for an international ITIL consultancy firm against a major Belgian company

Intellectual Property

The value of your company is not only determined by the goods and services you sell. All too often companies forget the value and importance of their name, trademark, logo or image and how important their ideas and projects are for the future of the company.

The protection of your trademark, logo, design or creation, model, drafting off NDA’s, exclusivity clauses, cease-and-desist proceedings, actions against counterfeit goods, etc. Sirius Legal has build a day-to-day experience in these matters over a period of many years.

It is easy to say that we are strong in intellectual property, but sometimes the facts speak for themselves… For over a decade, Sirius Legal has been one of the selected partners of the Belgian collective collecting agency for authors Sabam and has been assisting Belgian authors on a daily basis.

Sirius Legal likes to share its knowledge of intellectual property.  You will find our lawyers not only on Twitter or on our firms’ blog, they also speak at seminars, teach, give lectures, as we did recently for a selection of Flemish Musea through the “Vlaamse Kunstcollectie”.  We are also a freelance editor for the specialized Dutch websites, en and and

recent cases

Recently our lawyers have a.o.:

  • assisted a magazine editor in a court case concerning the use of an image database
  • gave an extensive legal opinion to a start up interactive patient platform on the internet
  • gave a legal opinion to a well known Belgian book editor concerning copyright, software protection and database protection
  • assisted an Asian electronics  producer on trademark protection of its products and company name as part of a company name change
  • assisted a satellite internet service provider with transfer of IP contracts
  • advised a movie producer on aspects op privacy law, portrait rights and production agreements
  • advised a clothing retailer on transfer of IP and copyright contracts with its designers
  • advised another national clothing retailer in a dispute with a competitor concerning possible copyright issues in an advertisement campaign
  • assisted a tv broadcaster in a dispute with a cable distributor
  • performed a full IP/copyright audit for a national radio and tv broadcaster
  • assisted an Italian company in a dispute with a car manufacturer on trademark and patent violations
  • assisted an individual in a penal court case concerning copyright infringement on the internet
  • advised a Belgian professional organisation in the insurance een sector on questions concerning copyrigt, software protection and database protection surrounding a series of online tools for insurance companies and brokers
  • advised several Flemish musea on copyright in a digital environment
  • advised an IT company on tax aspects of their company copyright management
  • advised a tv broadcaster on legal aspects of private copy levies