No Smart City without Smart Cities Law Firm

The Dutch Smart Cities Law Firms partner office of Sirius Legal, Marxman advocaten, was recently interviewed about the Smart Cities Law Firms partnership. We will resume the article below. Who wants to read the original can go here.

Sirius Legal and Marxman are two of the founding members of the international partnership Smart Citlies Law Firms. We work together with law firms from the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Mexico to provide a specialized service for Smart Cities around the world.

The interview with Theo Stockmann of Marxman:

Using the latest digital possibilities to make a city more sustainable, safer and more liveable. That is the principle of a Smart City. In 2016, Smart City initiatives are emerging all over the world. When implementing the projects, one sometimes experiences laws and regulations as a restriction, but that is not necessary. A Smart City can use a ‘Smart Cities Law Firm’ to ensure that the initiative succeeds.

Smart Cities Law Firm

With great enthusiasm, the government and the business community are looking for advanced, technological solutions for social issues in areas such as safety, infrastructure and culture. They shoot from the starting blocks and all kinds of challenges play a role. But it soon becomes apparent that the challenges are also greater than expected in the legal field. Just think of the (often complex) rules in the field of privacy and procurement law.
A Smart City that uses the services of a ‘Smart Cities Law Firm’ has specialists who have a lot of experience with the regulations. With this, a Smart City has already mapped out the possibilities in advance so that initiatives can be applied and implemented immediately. For the further course of the Smart City project, the legal points for attention are also known. Legislation is no longer restrictive, but offers opportunities for innovation through a smart application of the applicable legislation. In practice, it appears that more is possible than initially thought.
The (international) label ‘Smart Cities Law Firm’ is only awarded to law firms with proven specialist knowledge and services in the field of ‘Smart Cities’.
A Smart City is all about innovation, knowledge sharing, and out-of-the-box solutions. Legislation and regulations do not have any limitations, but offer opportunities. “Smart Law mainly removes the obstacles for organizations, so they do not run into surprises within the process,” says Theo Stockmann, attorney at Marxman Advocaten.

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