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Why pay expensive consultations with your lawyer or scan the internet yourself, resulting in dozens of sites with unreliable, incomplete, outdated and unverifiable information?

Sirius Legal offers a fast, efficient and cheap solution. Do you have a legal question? A short e-mail is sufficient to give you a first-line answer on the basis of which you can determine your further strategy. You are completely free to  appeal to us for further steps in your case.

For questions about

  • commercial disputes
  • company law, companies in difficulty, loans, etc.
  • labor law tax questions
  • rental problems, co-ownership, commercial rent, housing rent, etc.
  • loans, collection, payment delay
  • consumer protection, e-commerce, warranty issues, …
  • protection of your intellectual property, brands, domain name,
  • protection of your idea, copyright, …
  • unfair competition, advertising, market practices

How does it work

  • Contact us using the form below and submit your question to our lawyers, together with copies of relevant documents
  • We will confirm receipt within the hour and will contact you if necessary for more information
  • Within 24 hours you will receive a first practical and useful analysis of your problem and tips for the strategy to be followed
  • You are free to rely on us for further steps or not
  • A few days later you will receive an invoice by post for 300 euros + VAT

Please note: online advice only gives you initial advice from our lawyers. If an additional intervention is then required (notice of default, summons, drafting of contracts or documents, etc.), this is of course not included in this first-line advice. In any case, you are free to entrust us with this further follow-up or with a lawyer of your choice.

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