Real Estate

Real estate

The lawyers in our real estate team have been active in all sectors of real estate law for over a decade.

They offer their services both to professionals and private owners.  Our clients include real estate agents, building managers, associations of co-owners, individual owners, construction firms, companies out to buy, lease or rent real estate, banks and financers.

Our services

  • Contracting and litigation concerning contracts
  • Commercial and private lease
  • “Tailor made” contracts
  • Transfer/sale (share deals, JVA…) ; financing (mezzanine contracts, senior loans…)
  • Litigation on property, co-property, …
  • Access to profession and contacts between professionals and sector organisations like the BIV/IPI
  • Construction law, architect and construction contracts, building projects

recent cases

Recently our lawyers have a.o.:

  • Assisted a Belgian company with the negotiation and drafting of several tailor made contracts,  including e.g. “private conciergerie”
  • Assisted clients with transfer and renewal of commercial lease contracts
  • Assisted building managers in disuptes with co-owners and/or suppliers of services
  • Assisted a building manager in a proceeding with the BVI/IPI