Sirius Legal as a coach for start-ups and creative professionals on

Sirius Legal and Bart Van den Brande have recently been asked to become a coach for start-ups and creative entrepreneurs on the start-up platform of the Flemish government Our collaboration with fits in perfectly with our commitment to young, creative entrepreneurs. After all, they form the heart and future of our clients, as an innovative and technology-driven law firm.

Kopiloot _ start-ups

Sirius Legal and start-ups

Sirius Legal has built up lots of experience in recent years in guiding start-ups in various sectors and within its areas of expertise.

For example, we guide entrepreneurs who want to get started with new technologies such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, etc. In addition, we support many clients from the software and app development sector, the gaming industry, the media world, vloggers and bloggers, film producers, advertising agencies, … As a permanent partner of we also assist starting entrepreneurs in the world of e-commerce. We also regularly assist clients in the travel sector, gambling sector, IT sector, creative sectors, etc.

Specifically for start-ups, our start-up team led by Freekje De Vidts developed a legal advice package for starters called “Legal Kickstarter”. All of this is offered at a fixed rate, so no surprises at the end of the ride. Moreover, we can schedule an introduction meeting within one week of your request so that you can move forward as quickly as possible.

And in addition to our own services, you can now also find us on

What is Kopiloot?

Kopiloot is an initiative of the Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship VLAIO and Flanders DC, in collaboration with partners such as Cultuurloket,, Unizo and VOKA, parties with most of whom Sirius Legal has cooperated in the past in various areas.

Kopiloot is a platform for both established creative values ​​and for innovative start-ups. On the other hand, it is aimed at counselors such as Sirius Legal, who know the creative and cultural sectors like the back of their hand and want to pass on their experience.

What can a Kopiloot Coach do for you?

Some coaches will work in short sprints with their pupil, while others will help entrepreneurs on the long term so that they can learn while working. Still other coaches combine sprint and marathon tactics to their heart’s content. In this way coach and entrepreneur come to a solution together, whether it is an answer to a specific question or a complete guidance process.

What types of coaches can Kopiloot offer?

Kopiloot can fall back on the knowledge and expertise of all kinds of coaches. These can be intermediaries who provide free advice, such as the Cultuurloket or Flanders DC, but also experts such as Sirius Legal, who can provide advice on intellectual property, data protection, IT and software development, company law, taxation, etc. They are always people who have extensive experience in the cultural field and creative sectors and have been carefully selected by VLAIO and Flanders DC for these reasons.

Are you a starter or a creative entrepreneur and do you have legal questions?

Our team is happy to advise and assist you. Feel free to contact Freekje or Bart at or or on 02 721 13 00.