Software, internet & e-commerce

Internet law

Over the past twenty years, the Internet has profoundly and definitively changed our society. Yet it remains a very recent and in a way immature medium. This is reflected, among other things, in the great legal uncertainty in some matters and the speed with which things evolve.

Questions about privacy and social media, about whether or not to legally download, cloud computing and domain name grabbing provide a lot of hot legal issues. Sirius Legal not only closely monitors these evolutions, but also puts them into practice.

We closely follow new phenomena such as the Internet of Things, the use of drones, new forms of online marketing such as marketing automation, voice assistants and the like. When the EU is working on geo-blocking rules or on new privacy and data protection rules under the GDPR and ePrivacy regulation, Sirius Legal is the first to pick this up.


Sirius Legal is a real specialist in e-commerce. We have been assisting both starting and established online entrepreneurs for a long time and e-commerce is one of the flagship services in our field.

You can count on us for setting up your e-commerce company, contracts with your web designer, suppliers and partners, drafting your general terms and conditions, checking your e-commerce sales process, advice on privacy and consumer protection.

Sirius Legal has been‘s legal certification partner for 8 years. Every webshop that carries a quality label is extensively screened by our team. In addition, we work and collaborate closely with sector federations such as FeWeb, Comeos, Agoria, etc.

We advise web shops with all their legal questions, such as:

  • Contracts with web agencies and web hosts
  • General conditions for webshops
  • Advice on consumer protection and (online) advertising in a B2C environment
  • Specific advice for B2B websites
  • Drawing up privacy policies and supervising GDPR compliance processes
  • Advice on cross-border e-commerce and advice on consumer protection, privacy and internet law within and outside Europe
  • Guiding market places, service platforms, platforms in the sharing economy, …
  • SaaS contracts (Software as a Service) and CaaS contracts (Communications as a ServiceTax advice and VAT advice for cross-border online sales of goods and services

Website Certifier

99% of the Belgian websites does not comply with all legal obligations. Does your site pass the test?

Sirius Legal has developed the perfect online tool to give your (e-commerce) website a full maintenance with useful tips and this for only € 750. Discover here our Website Certifier package.

IT & Software development

Software and app developers, software distributors, consultants and computer scientists are also at home at Sirius Legal.

Our practice consists for a considerable part of drafting license agreements, EULAs, SaaS agreements, SLAs, hosting agreements and source code escrow agreements, all types of IT service contracts, cloud contracts, CaaS contracts (Communications as a Service), contracts with web builders, order forms, etc.

We also regularly assist companies in disputes concerning software development projects, both in the context of mediation and before the courts or in arbitration and in judicial or extrajudicial expertise.

Our clients in IT and software development are very diverse: from individual consultants, through small web and app builders to international software developers.


Questions about e-commerce, software or internet law? Our team is happy to help you. Please contact Bart Van den Brande at or via the form below.