Jerome Vercruysse

After obtaining my bachelor’s degree in law, I became interested in entrepreneurship. A few years later, and a few SMEs later, I remained fascinated by the legal field. That is why I enrolled in a DPO course and ended up at Sirius Legal. Now I am a consultant – DPO at Sirius Legal.

About Jerome

Entrepreneurship has always been lurking around the corner when I was doing my studies at the KU-Leuven. Just before obtaining my master’s degree, I accepted a first take-over offer from the company where I was a student manager at the time. A few years later, I started several SMEs and I still manage them today. While being an entrepreneur, I still felt the connection with the legal field and went looking for an extra and new challenge.

GDPR already interested me while I was an entrepreneur, so I enrolled in a DPO course. There I met Bart and the ball soon got rolling. Being able to work at Sirius Legal means to me that I can develop myself in all aspects of my interests. It is a nice symbiosis of the entrepreneurial and the legal.

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