Sophie Vercraeye

After obtaining my Master’s degree in Law from the University of Antwerp in 2018, I decided to travel around Central America solo so that I could fully focus on my career afterwards. In 2020, I started (with a lot of unique experiences in my pocket) as a lawyer at Sirius Legal at the Bar of Antwerp.


About Sophie

It sounds cliché, but the legal profession is in my blood. Always looking for solutions, working in a practical and goal-oriented way, making well-considered choices, but above all always remaining the voice of reason. With this basis and the guidance, experience and expertise of Sirius Legal on top of it, I look for the best and most opportune solutions together with our clients.

In order to keep work and private life in balance, you can also call me, an eternal optimist, adventurous traveller, bon vivant pur sang and nature and animal lover, besides “Meester Vercraeye”.

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