Thomas Luyten

I am a lawyer at Sirius Legal, affiliated with the Bar of Antwerp. After my law studies, I started working at a medium-sized law firm in Mechelen in 2012, where I focused on IT/IP and data protection within the corporate law unit. As a certified DPO, I have also been doing various in-house assignments with companies since 2019.


About Thomas

Born into a nest of lawyers, a law education was a somewhat obvious choice. By focusing on IP and IT law during my studies, I was able to intertwine law with my other interests: film, photography and technology.

Thanks to the various in-house assignments in recent years, I have experienced how you can really help companies: By looking together at the intended objective, by thinking along with them and by taking the pragmatic road. Quickly and to the point. So it was not an unexpected plot twist that sooner or later my path would cross that of Sirius Legal. To me, Sirius Legal stands in stark contrast to the often unwieldy and stuffy perception that the legal profession has.

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