Consulegis International Webinar
“Global data protection: From the US to Europe to China, safeguarding digital information is your responsibility”


GDPR is celebrating it’s second birthday this month.  Over the past two years, around 240 fines from national Data Protection Authorities, numerous guidelines and clarifications by those DPA’s and by the European Data Protection Board and countless articles and analysis helped us to better understand and implement GDPR.

In the same period however, data protection has gained importance all over the world.  California has implemented its own California Consumer Protection Act CCPA, China as well has implemented data and consumer protection laws and numerous other countries around the world have followed.

The result is better data protection across the globe, but also an ever more complicated playing field for businesses that are active on an international scale.

That is why we are happy to announce this data protection webinar by our international partner network Consulegis.  A panel of experienced data protection specialists from across the world will discuss current topics, including:

  • New data protection laws across the world and how to be compliant when you’re active in different countries
  • Data exchange and data export across the world: how to exchange databases between countries under EU GDPR, CCPA in the USA, Chinese law and other legal systems
  • Learnings from 2 years of GDPR in the EU
  • The impact of Brexit on data protection
  • The impact of COVID-19 on data protection across the world  

Bart Van den Brande of Sirius Legal will moderate this debate, other speakers in the panel are: 

  • David Schenker of Advotech (Switzerland)
  • Lucia Netti of Horizons (China)
  • Katherine Lewis of MSF Law (USA)
  • Carys Thompson of Keebles (UK) 
  • Gad Matalon and Laura Borzoni of Lawyalty (Italy)
  • Gwendal Barbaut of IP Side (France)


  • 16 June at 15:30 CET
  • Webinar – 1 hour + extensive Q&A 
  • Language will be English


You can subscribe for this webinar on the event page on the Consulegis website.
Subscription is free of charge, also if you are not a member of the network.