Hello world!

Hello world!

I am not a father yet, so I do not know how it feels to hold your firstborn and look him in the eyes for the first time, but while I’m writing these lines, I cannot help but feel that I am witnessing the birth of something very dear to me, which is my new blog, which I have in the mean time baptised and named Sirius legal Media Blog.  I can’t wait to see it grow and build up a life of it’s own…

In this blog I will be discussing topics related to media law, internet law, advertisement law, intellectual property law and all related topics.

My blog will mainly target readers that are not Belgian attorneys. My idea is not to start a blog with in dept detailed legal analyses, but rather to offer to all company lawyers, project managers, commercials, artists, creatives and other professionals with a non legal back ground some insights on the legal implications of  novelties, recent development and things they might have picked up on in the news.

I’m hoping that my posts will be interesting to some of my colleagues abroad as well.  I have often found that learning and understanding how legal issues are looked at in other jurisdictions can be a great help to see the bigger picture of certain issues.

Well, it’s bed time for my new baby right now.  Newborns need their rest.  I’ll start posting some content in the upcoming days.  Hope you’ll all drope by from time to time to read some of the posts

Bart Van den Brande