Campaign Checker

campaign checker

Are you looking for a quick check of your campaign before presenting it to the advertiser or before launching it?  Sirius Legal has been assisting agencies and avertisers for a long time and since the launch of Campaign Checker , many of your competitors have discovered our service and used it to their satisfaction.

We check your campaign for problems with a.o.:

  • Copyright
  • Trademark issues
  • Comparative advertising
  • Misleading advertising
  • Terms and conditions for (online) contests
  • Privacy and cookies
  • Direct marketing actions and member-get-member actions
  • Actions through social media, respect for Facebook rules, … 

how does it work

  • Contact us through the form below
  • Within the hour we aknowledge reception and contact you for further details
  • Within 24 hours we give you a practical and hands on analysis of possible risks in your campaign and  of suggested solutions
  • A few days later you will receive an invoice for 300 euro

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