Campaign Checker

campaign checker

Do you need a quick check of your advertising campaign before you present it to the advertiser or before launching? Sirius Legal has extensive experience in assisting agencies and advertisers. Since the launch of the Campaign Checker, many advertising agencies have used this service to their great satisfaction.
Not sure whether you can use a certain photo in an advertising campaign, whether you can name your competitor by name, whether you can set up a competition on Facebook and which regulations are required for this? Do you have questions about scratch cards, Google Ads, trademark law, joint offers, comparative advertising …? Campaign Checker offers quick and professional advice.

We check your campaign for possible issues with:

  • Copyright
  • Trademark issues
  • Comparative advertising
  • Misleading advertising
  • Terms and conditions for (online) contests
  • Privacy and cookies
  • Direct marketing actions and member-get-member actions
  • Actions through social media, respect for Facebook rules, … 

how does it work

  • Contact us through the form below
  • Within the hour we aknowledge reception and contact you for further details
  • Within 24 hours we give you a practical and hands on analysis of possible risks in your campaign and  of suggested solutions
  • A few days later you will receive an invoice for 400 euro


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