Digital entrepreneurship

We live in an age where digital is no longer new. Since the corona crisis, digital business has become the new normal. Well, we are ” tech lawyers ” ourselves and the switch to 100% digital business was not a challenge for our law firm. We breathe technology, and it is our passion to continuously deepen our knowledge in this field and to closely follow new developments.

About digital entrepreneurship

Thanks to our partnerships with the federation of digital service providers (Feweb) and the e-commerce association for the promotion of online shopping (, we work in the playing field of digital entrepreneurs on a daily basis. Whether you want to start a webshop, launch a new site or app, or are planning a brand new start-up, we know our way around and we will check your plans against existing legislation and best practices.

We also map out the risks for you, think for example of the increasing cybercrime and how you can protect your company against it. As a recognised partner of Vlaio, we provide cyber security improvement projects with grants of no less than 45%.
If all that doesn’t sound fancy enough for you, know that some of our lawyers specialise in cryptocurrencies, blockchain and AI applications. Digital enough for you?