Bart Van den Brande

I am the founder and Managing Partner of Sirius Legal. In 2010, I decided to leave the Brussels big city law scene behind me to start practicing law in a different way. More personal, open and direct, affordable and with 100% focus on the digital economy.


About Bart

Everything can always be improved.

That simple thought that determines everything I do. That applies to my work at Sirius Legal, where we are constantly striving for even greater professional expertise, even faster and more personal services, and even deeper understanding of the technical and commercial needs of our clients. This is exactly why I invest a lot of time in courses such as ‘Coding for Lawyers’, ‘Smart Cities Law’, ‘Business Administration for lawyers’ or ‘AI, Cognitive Science and the Law’.

But the urge to always do better also plays a role in my private life, where triathlons and marathons occupy an important place. Always faster, always better, always push through, that thought has brought me to the finish line of several Ironman triathlons. That perseverant mindset I get from endurance sports is something that I try to bring into my work for clients at Sirius Legal every day.

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