Media and advertising

The world of advertising is and remains one of our favourite sectors. Creative concepts that challenge our legal brains, we don’t ask for more than that.  We do not automatically say “no” to bold concepts, comparative campaigns or challenging actions. We check the legal provisions and, together with creatives, account managers and advertisers, look for legally sound solutions for the wildest campaign ideas.

About media and advertising

We are connected with the advertising world for 10 years now, mainly thanks to our Campaign Checker service. We have subjected countless campaigns to legal checks, and we are delighted to see that some resulted in an Effi award. Besidescampaigns, we also help agencies to conclude the right contracts with their clients, production companies and studios, actors, models and musical partners.

In the world of advertising, we stay on top of things thanks to our partnerships with the Belgian Association of Marketing (BAM) and the United Brands Association (UBA). In both associations, we are part of working groups, provide regular training and webinars and defend the interests of their members. The world of advertising also is the natural habitat of our Marketing and Partnerships Manager, who has spent more than 20 years with agencies, media and advertisers.


Agency/advertiser relationship

Verbal agreements work well until they go wrong. Professional cooperation in advertising is  conducted best on the basis of solid contracts. What about your campaigns? Are they certainly legally compliant?

Audiovisual production

Technological evolutions and a changing media landscape bring new legal challenges. Copyright protected works, production contracts and media are growing with the times, but are you still up to date?