Privacy and data protection

Dealing with personal data has become quite complex since the introduction of the GDPR. As an entrepreneur, communication specialist or marketer, you know that data collection and exchange has become a challenge. Recently, the Schrems-II judgment was added to this, as well as the renewal of the Standard Contract Clauses. You should have your data policy documented down to the smallest detail: data registers, DPIAs, vendor assessments, it is simply part and parcel of today’s data world. 

About privacy and data protection

Sirius Legal was one of the first law firms to dare to translate “the grey GDPR spot in the rulebook” into an action plan full of concrete guidelines and best practices. We regularly share our knowledge of GDPR legislation and privacy in general in trainings at the Data Protection Institute, where our Managing Partner prepares students to become DPOs.
At Sirius Legal you will find no less than 4 DPOs who you can call upon for all your specific questions, in-house missions or interim assignments. We also provide GDPR compliance programs and trainings tailor-made for your company.

We translated the very unclear cookie law into a practical “Cookie Scan Service” in cooperation with our technical partner Grava, a digital performance agency that devours cookies for campaign management, data capture and analytics. This expertise, always in cooperation with partners from within the sector, makes us clear and concrete. We also defend the interests of the digital market and our clients: the Belgian Association of Marketing (BAM) and all digital interest groups in the country have commissioned us to write a cookie position paper, defending the use of analytical cookies.

Other privacy topics


Data capture on your website with which you are legally fully compliant. Not because you have to, but also out of respect for your customers’ privacy, right?


Properly handling personal data is more than complying with the GDPR legislation. There is also specific legislation such as the cookie law, the do-not-call-me register, the Robinson list, etc.

International datatransfers

Data export is any exchange of data with a partner outside the EU. GDPR allows data export outside the EU only if the recipient guarantees an appropriate level of protection.

GDPR compliance

GDPR compliance is a big milestone in privacy legislation. Don’t be discouraged, we are happy to assist you with to-the-point advice that doesn’t have to be expensive at all.