Intellectual property

The value of your business is not only determined by the goods or services you sell. All too often, companies forget how much their name, brand or image is worth or how important their ideas and projects are to the future of their business.

Protecting your brand or logo, drawing up confidentiality agreements for your know-how or ideas, advice on copyright, non-competition clauses, software and database protection, discontinuation proceedings and counterfeiting seizures, etc. are all part of our lawyers’ daily work.

About intellectual property

We have solid expertise in intellectual property, in particular copyright law, as : we have been a reliable partner of authors and artists for twenty years, including our decades of work for Sabam. We also assist clients on a weekly bases in the matters related to trademark law and trademark filings, designs and models protection, know-how protection, software protection and database law. 

We provide advice on trademark law, review advertising campaigns to verify whether  intellectual property rights are respected, and protect your ideas and concepts.

Did a copycat get hold of your product and do you want to fight counterfeiting? We permanently handle various counterfeiting cases and are ready to advise you on the right strategy and procedures.

Are you active in the world of advertising? You can reach out to us for your contracts with actors, the protection of your concepts during pitches, the handling of the rights of your productions, etc.

Are you in the process of publishing a book? We can advise you on your copyright fees and the tax benefits that may accompany them. Are you hatching a great idea or concept? Knock on our door, we are happy to help you protect your idea and know-how.

More topics on intellectual property

Tax optimisation

No one likes to pay more taxes than necessary. Do you have a creative profession? With the copyrighted content you create, you may be subject to a significant tax benefit!

IP contracts

Good contracts make for good friends. The same applies to your intellectual property. Your creations are golden, protect them well!

Combat counterfeiting

A copycat has gotten hold of your product and is selling it online or on the black market at rock-bottom prices. Take action right away, but do get guidance from an expert!

Protect your IP

Which intellectual property rights can you invoke? We are happy to advise you on copyright, designs and models, trademarks, know-how and trade secrets as well as software and database protection.