Contracts and companies

Contracts are not always popular. Entrepreneurs often see them as a necessary evil and as a drag on business. But good contracts are vital. They protect you from many future problems. As lawyers, we are somewhat cynical in this respect. After all, we see all those cases where good collaborations go wrong all the same. If you work with a firm like ours for your contract management, you can rest assured that negotiating the legal small print will not put a brake on your commercial relations.

About contracts and companies

Just as important as good contracts is a strong company structure, good bylaws and sensible shareholder agreements. Did you know, for example, that the new company law since 2019 offers very handy opportunities to set up your company even more flexibly and effectively and to protect you even more as a shareholder or director? At Sirius Legal, we are happy to take that worry off your hands as well.

Starting a new company or adapting your existing company to the new company law? Do you have new shareholders on your doorstep or are you planning a capital round in the near future in order to attract external investors for your successful start-up? Our lawyers will ensure that the foundations of your company are solid.