Cookie Compliance

The GDPR imposes very strict requirements to ensure companies handle personal data more consciously and above all more securely, also in an online context. Of course, you’ve known that for some time… 

But did you also know that in a recent judgment the European Court of Justice demanded a prior opt-in for all cookies? This opt-in cannot be mandatory, implicit or based on pre-checked or completed options. A separate consent also has to be given for each separate purpose. It goes without saying that this must be accompanied by clear information to the website visitor. 

Last Christmas it turned out that Belgian websites are no longer getting away with it. This became clear when the Belgian DPA imposed an initial fine of no less than 15.000 euros on At the same time, a number of other websites received a warning and strict inspections were announced to take place in 2020.


Belgian benchmark

Both at Sirius Legal and digital performance agency Grava, concerns have grown that many Belgian websites currently do not comply with the strict cookie policy under the GDPR. Furthermore, Grava carried out a benchmark study of 113 Belgian websites, which shows that only 2% of those websites are effectively cookie compliant! 

In the infographic below you can see the outcome of the study, the Belgian market is clearly not a very good student when it comes to cookie compliance.

Cookie compliance benchmark

Legal and technical cookiescan

Do you know which cookies run on your website? Do you know who the issuer is and if your data stays within the EU? Do you know which data you collect and what you do with it? Is all this information correctly processed in your cookie banner or privacy policy?

No? Cookiescan ensures that data collection via your website is 100% correct both technically and legally. In this way you not only respect the privacy of your customers, you also prevent complaints and fines.

For this Cookiescan, we have joined forces with the technical specialists of digital performance marketing agency Grava from our hometown Mechelen. As experienced digital marketers they know like no other how to organize efficient, compliant and safe online data collection.


  1. Intake call

Before we start, we want to get to know you. We ask you relevant questions about your website and the GDPR compliance of your company in general.

  1. Technical scan

Then our partner Grava will start a technical scan on your website. They check the current cookie consent and ensure technical compliance.

  1. Legal Scan

Afterwards, Sirius Legal starts a legal scan. We ensure that each cookie and the data you collect with it is compliant with GDPR and cookie legislation. We then ensure that your privacy policy and cookie warnings are 100% legally covered.

  1. Future proof 

As soon as everything is in place on your website, you want to keep it that way for the future. We will provide you with a final check as well as a clear audit report of our activities. Then we finish our assignment by implementing a cookie settings tool of your choice (Cookiebot, OneTrust, …) on your website through Grava.

Duration and pricing

Transparency is very important to us. That is why we ensure clear pricing and tight deadlines.

Our cookie scan costs 2,250 euros, excluding VAT. No surprises, no extras.

The turnaround time is a maximum of 2 working weeks from your order confirmation.


Interested in our Cookiescan? Or do you have questions about Cookie compliance? Fill out the form below and we will be happy to help you!