An Haenen

I am Marketing & Relationships Manager at Sirius Legal and made a career switch from the marketing and communications world to a law firm in 2018. I started my career in online marketing, when online advertising was still in its infancy. For 20 years, I spent my time in the ecosystems of the most fantastic brands:, Telenet, Mediahuis, De Persgroep, …


About An

As an online marketeer, I increasingly struggled through the legal do’s and dont’s of my campaigns and actions. “Is that allowed? Do I need permission, shouldn’t we ask a lawyer?”. Today’s marketers face enormous challenges and actually get an extra job: getting all your data and actions legally compliant.

Match that with the world of law and you create a fantastic job for yourself:

Assisting an innovative progressive law firm in innovation projects, communication, partnerships and product offerings. Speaking to clients about their marketing challenges and giving hands-on advice on data compliance, that’s what makes me happy.

Furthermore, I am a #proudmom of 2 children, have an online shopping addiction, love holidays in the mountains and am an avid Italy lover.

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