Website Certifier e-commerce

Website Certifier

Website certifier is the ideal legal tool for webshop owners and web builders. 99% of all Belgian company websites and e-commerce websites do not comply to all legal obligations.

Sirius Legal offers a fast and efficient audit of your website, so that you can start your only business free of (legal) worries.

As a real internet specialist, Sirius Legal knows exactly what is important for you and your business.

we check

  • Obligatory mentions for all websites
  • Privacy law and cookies for all websites
  • Respect for market practices and consumer protection in e-commerce (pricing, delivery, 14 day cooling down period, sales) – comparative and misleading advertisement and information of consumers
  • Set up of your sales process in e-commerce
  • Content of your general terms of sale or use in e-commerce, auction sites, discussion forums

how does it work

  • Contact us through the form below and send us a link to your website
  • Within the hour, we aknowledge receipt and contact you for further infiormation
  • Within 5 days you receive a full detail and practical audit document with risk analyses and tips to achive legal conformity
  • A few days later your receive our invoice for 750 euro excl. VAT

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