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15.09.2021 Bart Van den Brande

Thanks to stricter legal payment terms, you will get paid faster.

Starting from 2022, small entrepreneurs will be even better protected in their negotiations with big clients seeing as new rules...

12.01.2021 Matthias Vandamme

UK companies and residents lose .eu domain names

In the beginning of this year, the EURid (the organisation in charge of managing .eu domain names) announced that 81,000 .eu dom...

07.01.2021 Bart Van den Brande

A bit of important GDPR news at the beginning of this new year: Brexit and Standard Contract Clauses

2020 was a turbulent year for the entire world for obvious reasons, but also specifically when it comes to GDPR the year did not...

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16.03.2020 Sophie Vercraeye

Coronavirus: Force majeure event?

The Coronavirus or Covid-19 virus is spreading faster than we would like… In addition to the obvious impact on public heal...