As a marketer or online professional, you want to handle your customers and prospects personal data correctly.  Nothing is worse for your corporate image than giving your customers the feeling that they are being spammed or pursued by you. 

You’ll find a lot of information about GDPR on our website, but GDPR is not the only regulation you need to consider if you want to handle personal data correctly.


As an experienced marketer, you undoubtedly know that you have to be careful before you send out your newsletters. 

The European ePrivacy rules, which in Belgium are incorporated into the Electronic Communications Act, state that you may only send electronic advertising with prior opt-in or to existing customers.

But in addition, there are many other rules you need to take into account. Of course, first and foremost, you need to ensure GDPR compliance. You also have to take into account cookie compliance on your website, rules about asking for opt-ins in the right way and the right place on your website, in your app or on paper, the don’t-call-me register if you want to do telephone marketing, the Robinson list if you want to send out paper DM, ….

All those rules and regulations have to be coordinated with each other in your marketing department, which can easily give you a headache. We at Sirius Legal know that this is not easy. We work for marketers and webshops every day, which is exactly why we offer tailor-made services for marketers and webshops. We see it as our mission to help marketers to do their job securely, ethically and successfully.

Questions about privacy? We're happy to help.

Our specific services for marketers don’t come out of the blue, of course. Our intense relationship with the advertising world has been in place for more than 10 years. This relationhip is reflected in our partnership with the United Brands Association (UBA) where we participate in working groups, regularly give training courses and webinars and defend the interests of their members. The advertising world is also the natural habitat of our Marketing and Partnerships Manager, who gained more than 20 years of experience with agencies, media and advertisers. 

More about privacy and data protection


Data capture on your website with which you are legally fully compliant. Not because you have to, but also out of respect for your customers’ privacy, right?

GDPR compliance

GDPR compliance is a big milestone in privacy legislation. Don’t be discouraged, we are happy to assist you with to-the-point advice that doesn’t have to be expensive at all.

International datatransfers

Data export is any exchange of data with a partner outside the EU. GDPR allows data export outside the EU only if the recipient guarantees an appropriate level of protection.

Questions about (e)Privacy? We are happy to help!