Audiovisual production

The media world has changed considerably in the past decade. Traditional media are under pressure from technological developments and a changing media landscape, in which new media and social media play an increasingly important role. Those new media also bring new legal questions and new regulations. Having a skilled and experienced legal advisor by your side is certainly not a luxury.

Thanks to our background in intellectual property and our experience as lawyers for TV and radio stations, production houses, web platforms and advertisers, we at Sirius Legal have the necessary expertise to assist you as an entrepreneur, creative or consumer with all your questions in media law.

Our team of lawyers advises various companies active in the media sector on concluding production agreements and licensing contracts, protection of TV formats, applications for radio station licenses, etc. We also help our clients with also questions concerning the right of reply, freedom of the press, damage to image and the right to be forgotten, slander and defamation.

We regularly assist production houses, radio stations, vloggers, influencers, journalists, (web-)TV stations, actors, filmmakers and screenwriters.

You can contact us for:

  • All types of contracts in the media and entertainment industry (production agreements, TV or film production related agreements, licensing agreements, distribution agreements, copyright transfers, etc.)
  • For files concerning approvals and licenses for radio and television broadcasters
  • Questions concerning portrait rights and copyrights

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You can also approach us as a private individual. We are happy to help you in the event of violations of your right to honor and reputation (“slander, libel and defamation”, etc.), for exercising your right of reply or your right to be forgotten, for false social media profiles or “removal requests” from Google and other internet companies.

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Communication and campaign advice

Advertising agencies and advertisers often have legal questions about their campaigns, marketing strategy and automation tools. Send us your wildest plans, we will make them legal proof!

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