Companies are useful to structure your business but owning and managing one or more companies also entails obligations and responsibilities which can even lead to personal liabilities.

Sirius Legal is here to assist you with this. Not only when problems arise, but even more so to prevent potential problems.


Rules, rules, rules… The new Belgian Companies and Associations Code (WVV) places even more emphasis on the correct fulfillment of all kinds of formalities within a company. There are always new or changed obligations that you as a director have to abide by, such as, for example, the correct application of the alarm procedure and the conflict of interest regulation. We are happy to help you comply with the legal obligations that are applicable to your company. eep in mind that every company must comply with these applicable obligations by 2024, if not, you as a director can be held liable.


Since its entry into force in 2019, Sirius Legal has been regularly conducting check-ups with its clients to prepare them for the new regime.

Drafting shareholder agreements and articles of association

That same WVV also gives you incredible freedom. It allows you to modulate the operation of your company as you see fit. And good agreements make good friends. A shareholders’ agreement determines the rules in the event of discussions about the path to be followed, such as involving new investors, selling of all or part of the shares. It is important to ensure that you have a clear framework that fits seamlessly with your company’s articles of association. We are happy to help you draw up a shareholders’ agreement and the articles of association.

A company can be called an ‘economic marriage’. And just as with any marriage, there is no guarantee for success. Problems can arise that can no longer be resolved. In such cases, it is important to get proper guidance. Contact us in a timely manner to ensure that we can guide you through this process without unrecoverable damage.

Directors’ liability

 In principle, as a director you cannot be held liable for the debts of your company. Yet, you will not be the first director to be sued by a creditor after a project gone wrong.  In certain circumstances, as a director you will still be involved.

On the other hand, you may have suffered significant losses as a shareholder or supplier due to the mismanagement of one of the directors of a company. Or you see the director of a bankrupt company cheerfully continuing his activities the day after his bankruptcy through a new company and this makes you wonder.

Sirius Legal is happy to assist you. Just as we know why in many cases a director cannot be held personally liable, we also know exactly when this can be possible.


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