Have you become a victim of cybercrime? If not, the chances are quite high that you will be confronted with this problem one day.  Cybercriminals see huge opportunities due to the anonymity and international nature of their activities. The consequences for victims can be far-reaching and it is extremely difficult to repair the damage.

Cybercrime takes countless forms such as extortion, fraud via your bank app, via WhatsApp, strange messages via text message, your computer being hacked and criminals demanding money from you. Are you already familiar with the terms grooming, jackpotting, sextortion, phishing & smishing, whaling, wangiri fraud, CEO fraud, SIM swapping, skimming or cryptojacking? These are all forms of cybercrime that can cause you a lot of financial or psychological damage.


Even the best of us can become victims of such criminal acts. In our practice, we see experienced CEOs, successful IT professionals and very cautious family men being fooled by cybercriminals. At that point, if this happens to you, you obviously have two choices: either accept that you have lost your money, or let Sirius Legal guide you to find out if there are still possibilities to recover your money.

Sirius Legal will work with you to determine whether an IT forensic investigation is possible, what evidence and clues can be found or how communication with the criminals involved should be continued. We then check whether a complaint can be filed with the investigating judge and what investigative measures can be suggested. During the criminal investigation, we closely monitor the progress of the investigation through interim inspection of the criminal file and any requests for additional investigative measures.

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In case of suspicious transfers, we check for you whether your bank is fulfilling or has fulfilled its obligations. If not, we can consider claiming repayment from your bank. They are not getting away scot-free and may incur special liability if you are unable to recover the funds.

Throughout this process, we work together with you to determine the associated costs to guide you as best as possible. We always keep in mind the likelihood of you recovering your funds to ensure that a realistic cost-benefit analysis are conducted beforehand. The intervention of your legal expenses insurer can play a very important role in this process.