Digital start-ups

Starting and running a new business is quite a challenge. You need to be aware of many aspects and there are thousands of questions coming at you. That is why it is essential to get competent advice right from the start from parties with expertise and experience in the industry in which you want to operate.

Sirius Legal has accumulated a great deal of experience in guiding digital and creative start-ups in various sectors over the past few years. We enjoy guiding creative minds with brilliant ideas, covering the relevant legal aspects for digital start-ups, so that they can focus on making their new business a success.

While our clients work on their product launch and their first clients, we take care of the appropriate corporate structure and shareholder agreements, contracts with investors, initial contracts and terms and conditions of sale, subsidy filings, and the protection of the brand name and those brilliant ideas that are in the end what it is all about.

For digital start-ups, all elements of our knowledge fall together. After all, you’re not just looking for someone who has knowledge about good contracts and corporate statutes. Your ideal lawyer for tech start-ups must also be aware of the legal as well as practical side of issues such as data protection, AI, IoT, blockchain, etc.

At Sirius Legal, we are committed to this. We have a multidisciplinary team to keep our non-legal knowledge up-to-date, and we are constantly learning to keep up with our clients. For example, our lawyers take courses on programming and practical applications of AI and Machine Learning. This allows us to be a genuine partner and bring added value to our start-up clients.

Launching a start-up and in need of a sparring partner?

On a daily basis, we assist entrepreneurs who want to start working with new technologies such as Internet of Things, AI, blockchain. In parallel, our team assists many clients from the media sector. For instance, production houses, creators of TV formats, vloggers and bloggers, filmmakers, advertising agencies. As a regular partner of FeWeb, we also assist starting entrepreneurs in the world of e-commerce. We frequently help clients in the travel sector, gaming sector, IT sector, creative sectors …

More about digital entrepreneurship

AI and blockchain

The digitization of our economy comes with a lot of legal challenges. We gladly advise you on the legal impact of AI, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, Internet of Things, and digital signatures.

Cyber security

Your company can also become a victim of cybercrime,reports on cybercrime are increasing exponentially. We can help you design an effective technical and legal cyber security policy.


Do you run a webshop or want to launch one? Take legal advice from our e-commerce experts. Your webshop will be compliant in no time!

Web, app & software development

Active in web, app or software development? Then you better make sure the projects you deliver are legally apt. Besides, the relationships with your clients are usually just fine … until things go wrong, right?

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