Web, app & software development

Software, app or website development is a specialized business, with its unique problems and challenges. Tight deadlines, demanding clients, constant pressure on budgets, time-consuming pitches and lots of responsibilities … It is commonplace for you as a digital entrepreneur. Looking for a legal partner who understands your business from the inside out? Well, you have come to the right place!

We are the established legal partner of FeWeb, the Federation of Digital Professionals, for good reason. Our partnership with FeWeb is truly reciprocal. Thanks to FeWeb, we stay informed of all technological developments and commercial challenges for the broad web sector. On our part, we share our years of legal expertise with the members of FeWeb through training courses, first-line advice, contract templates and brochures.

Do you build websites or apps yourself or are you a software developer or an IT consultant? Do you have questions about data protection, cloud solutions or Software-as-Service? Or are you looking for a sound contract that puts your agile development on the right legal track? Or are you in need of solid project agreements, general terms and conditions or licensing contracts?

We can also provide the necessary legal guidance on AI and Machine Learning or IoT applications. We invest a considerable amount of time in building up legal and technical knowledge about new technological evolutions. After all, technology is our real passion!


Are you active in this sector and in need of legal guidance?

A significant part of our practice consists of drafting license agreements, EULA’s, SaaS agreements, SLA’s, hosting agreements and source code escrow agreements, all kinds of IT service contracts, cloud contracts, NDA’s, web development contracts, Maintenance & Support agreements, order forms, you name it.

We regularly assist companies in disputes concerning software development projects, in court as well as via alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, such as mediation, arbitration and judicial or extrajudicial expert assessments.  Our extensive experience in litigation enables us to draw up the best contracts for you because we know exactly where things can go wrong and what the consequences can be.

More about digital entrepreneurship


Do you run a webshop or want to launch one? Take legal advice from our e-commerce experts. Your webshop will be compliant in no time!

Digital start-ups

Ideally, your start-up should be completely compliant with the relevant laws and regulations. However, look beyond the contract work and choose a sparring partner who thinks along with you and covers all the legal pitfalls for you.

AI and blockchain

The digitization of our economy comes with a lot of legal challenges. We gladly advise you on the legal impact of AI, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, Internet of Things, and digital signatures.

Cyber security

Your company can also become a victim of cybercrime,reports on cybercrime are increasing exponentially. We can help you design an effective technical and legal cyber security policy.

Are you active in this sector and in need of legal guidance?