Agency/advertiser relationship

The advertising world can be tough. Tight deadlines, demanding advertisers, constant pressure on budgets, time-consuming and expensive pitches, you name it. Moreover, it is a sector where a lot of collaborations happen on the basis of loose agreements by e-mail or even verbally, and conclusive contracts are rarely drawn up. This often goes well, but as lawyers, it makes us a little anxious. We see the other side of the coin on a daily basis, namely collaborations that end in endless discussions or even lawsuits.

Over the past decade, Sirius Legal has built a fine track record in all aspects of advertising law. We help both advertisers and agencies, large and small, with detailed advice in advertising campaigns, but above all with contractual negotiations between agencies and advertisers or between agencies and production houses, influencers, app and web builders, printers and many other suppliers they have to deal with. We also put this experience to daily use with our partner UBA, where Sirius Legal belongs to a very small circle of permanent legal advisors. 

Unfortunately, we also handle a lot of disputes, when possible out of court, but when necessary in court. The disputes often concern such matters as unauthorized use of ideas submitted in a pitch, budgetary discussions or discussions about buy-outs of rights or reuse of materials after a campaign.

Through all these experiences we know exactly how to draft strong contracts and avoid conflicts for the benefit of all parties involved. We are certain that good agreements make good friends – or good partners in business – and that’s true regardless of whether we assist advertisers, agencies, production houses or any other party in the broad advertising and marketing world.

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