International cooperations

Belgium and Flanders are small. As an ambitious entrepreneur, you quickly look beyond borders for new opportunities, new sales markets, better suppliers or perhaps you are interested in establishing a whole new branch in another part of Europe or the world. However, doing business internationally comes with financial and legal risks. You know that all too well, which is exactly why you are looking for an experienced legal guide on these web pages, right?

We maintain our strong international contacts with great enthusiasm. We want to be able to assist our clients not only in Belgium, but all over the world. s experienced entrepreneurs, we know how quickly the world is changing today and how small it has become. Borders are disappearing and business partners on the other side of the world are only a click away.

Sirius Legal is therefore a member of some of the strongest and most dynamic international networks of independent law firms Consulegis, Eurolegal and Smart Cities Law Firms. For the same reason, we have an experienced Dutch lawyer on our team and are the official legal partner of NKVK, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce for Belgium and Luxembourg.

Our international commitments are also reflected in Gondola’s e-commerce export training courses, where we are regularly asked to speak, or in the international comparative law reference works we regularly contribute to, for example for AIJA on distribution contracts or for ICLG on cybercrime, digital business or gambling.

Consulegis is the heart and engine of our international contacts. It is an international network of independent law firms with members in 180 cities across more than 60 countries on all continents. This makes Consulegis one of the largest and most widespread international lawyer networks. At Consulegis we feel at home. It is an active network of small, independent law firms working very closely together. The members are carefully selected and then actively cooperate in the context of publications, working groups, joint cross-border files and assignments. This allows us to guarantee our clients global representation.

Need legal advice for your international collaborations?

Are you looking for help abroad? We can put you in touch with a local partner in just a few minutes. We know them personally and you will be in just as good hands with them as you are with us. This way we have helped many clients to have professional assistance at their side  when negotiating contracts under very tight deadlines or defending their interests in courts thousands of kilometers away from home.

We are certainly also happy to help you ourselves, whether in consultation with our partners or not, with drafting international contracts, setting up companies in other countries, providing tax advice and assisting with the administration that import or export often entails.

More about (international) entrepreneurship


Are you setting up a new company or adapting your company to the new company law? Are there new shareholders at your door?  We provide solid foundations for your company.

Contracts and commercial relationships

Bad contracts are fuel for expensive litigations with uncertain results. Drafting solid contacts is much more economical compared to litigation. It creates peace of mind, which is what every professional wants, right?

Disputes and procedure

Can’t find a solution to that dispute? Are you considering starting litigation proceedings? We analyze the possibilities and chances of success together with you.

Distribution and licences

Do you need help setting up and expanding your distribution network or partnerships at home and abroad? We can assist you worldwide thanks to our partnerships with international lawyers networks.

Do you need legal advice for your international collaborations? Feel free to contact us!