Contracts and commercial relationships

As a company you cannot avoid it: in all your commercial relationships you are confronted with contractual agreements. Many agreements are made verbally, by e-mail, through years of good understanding and, if possible, based on a written agreement. Everyone has general terms and conditions in place, but what if a discussion does arise?

It is essential for every enterpreneur to maintain good and sustainable relationships with their customers. In our practice we see that many entrepreneurs treat the contractual aspect with care. However, we also observethat bad contractual agreements are a breeding ground for expensive, lengthy litigations with uncertain results. Establishing solid contacts is much cheapercompared to engaging in litigation procedures. You can budget the legal costs related to contracts in advance.These costs are in any case cheaper than  the ones of litigating. Having solid contracts in place will also save you time and ensure a more professional appearance. Why wouldn’t you get started with it?

At Sirius Legal, we guide each company on a tailored and budget dependent basis. We regularly conduct training sessions with our partners during which they can create their own contracts using templates, subject to proper explanation and tailored advice. Are you not sure about the content and risks of a contract? Contact us for a contract review in which we assess the risks and bottlenecks for you. This will enable you to be well-informed and prepared when negotiating further with your contracting party. Do you have specific activities that require a contract to be drafted by specialists? Then we can offer a complete plan based on a predetermined fixed price to arrive at a good and balanced agreement, with or without support during negotiations.

Do you urgently need a contract or to have an existing contract reviewed?

To strike the right balance between your commercial strategy and legally sound documents, the professional guidance of our lawyers is a useful added value. We examine what is an acceptable risk for your company and check whether your agreement complies with the ever-changing regulations. Especially in the niche of technology, ICT and media, it is important to make a solid assessment of the legal risks and to correctly determine the responsibility of each party. Every sale or service is different and requires different contractual arrangements. 

It is not only important to draft yourcontractual documents properly but also to use them correctly.

  • When do you provide which information to your customer?
  • How do you ensure that your customers have actually accepted these documents?
  • How can you change agreements made?
  • Do your invoice terms and conditions apply to your customer?

We prepare the entire contractual flow together so that there can be no discussion about them afterwards.



Are you setting up a new company or adapting your company to the new company law? Are there new shareholders at your door?  We provide solid foundations for your company.

Disputes and procedure

Can’t find a solution to that dispute? Are you considering starting litigation proceedings? We analyze the possibilities and chances of success together with you.

Distribution and licences

Do you need help setting up and expanding your distribution network or partnerships at home and abroad? We can assist you worldwide thanks to our partnerships with international lawyers networks.

International cooperations

Are you looking for legal advice for your business on the other side of the world? Thanks to our international contacts through partner networks such as Consulegis and Eurolegal, we can help you quickly.

Urgently need a contract or have it reviewed? Feel free to contact us!