Disputes and procedure

Have you received a subpoena and do you need to appear in court? Or do you find it is a matter of urgency to enforce your own rights? The lawyers at Sirius Legal also know how to handle this.  We ensure a correct assessment of your options and provide a transparent guidance throughout the litigation procedures.

Sirius Legal goes beyond providing general legal advice or preparing and reviewing your contracts. We are not limited to what a specialized lawyer can do for you. We are also prepared to defend your rights and interests in court and before authorities. Our experience in all kinds of proceedings provides real added value in our advice. We know with certainty where and how everything can go wrong, not only theoretically, but also in practice. And we are able to anticipate this.

Litigations cause clients a lot of headaches, questions and uncertainties. At Sirius Legal we always try to guide you as properly and transparently as possible. We regularly consult you on the litigation strategy, make cost-risk assessments for each course of action and try to make all legal arguments as understandable and clear as possible.

Litigating always requires customization. Not every client is the same and every litigation proceeding is different. Do you want to handle it purely in a business-like fashion? Do you want it to achieve something specific? Or is it mainly a matter of principle and has a high emotional value? We always discuss this thoroughly in detail to ensure that you are not surprised by a cold shower at the end.

This certainly also includes transparency on our part. Estimating our costs is not always easy, but over the years we have been able to make a rough estimate of the costs for each phase of the litigation procedure. We can give you one guarantee in advance: we always do our utmost to defend your interests.

Are you considering initiating litigation proceedings? Feel free to inquire about your options.

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Contracts and commercial relationships

Bad contracts are fuel for expensive litigations with uncertain results. Drafting solid contacts is much more economical compared to litigation. It creates peace of mind, which is what every professional wants, right?

Distribution and licences

Do you need help setting up and expanding your distribution network or partnerships at home and abroad? We can assist you worldwide thanks to our partnerships with international lawyers networks.


Are you setting up a new company or adapting your company to the new company law? Are there new shareholders at your door?  We provide solid foundations for your company.

Considering litigation? Embroiled in a dispute? Feel free to contact us!