Travel law

Travelling can be adventurous, but organizing trips is even more eventful. Every travel organizer is confronted with very different legislation: package tours, passenger rights, data protection, e-commerce, international conflicts, increased liabilities, etc. And on top of that, COVID-19 has added another complexity. Get legal guidance from Sirius Legal, an experienced guide in the travel industry, and you sleep like a baby.

As an entrepreneur in the travel industry, you quickly encounter many obligations that protect the traveler in various ways. Knowing exactly which obligations apply, requires a thorough analysis of your capacity as a travel service provider. Do you only provide a travel service, are you a purely professional intermediary (e.g. an incoming agent) or do you assemble packages yourself? Are you a travel agent or a travel organizer? Or do you offer a mix of these services?


All these questions create a separate set of legal obligations that will also be relevant, for instance, for the drafting of your general terms and conditions. We regularly receive such questions, both from professionals and travelers, because those involved rarely know the true scope of their rights and obligations. We are happy to help and always provide initial advice at a rate that takes into account the stakes of your dispute.

Revention is certainly always better than cure. We assist start-ups in the travel industry as well as travel organizers in their compliance strategy. That guidance goes beyond a simple review of travel law. Companies in the travel sector have to deal with other legal obligations such as: 

  • the protection of personal data to be transmitted to international partners
  • platforms that provide travel mediation services
  • broader consumer law
  • partnerships that need to be given a legal framework
  • marketing obligations
  • the correct legal set-up of your website
  • review and negotiation with the insurance company regarding proper coverage of the activities, etc.

We are happy to assist every service provider in the travel sector in a pragmatic and clear manner. Depending on the needs, size and budget, we will work together to find an optimal total solution.

Do you have questions about travel law? Contact us and we will be happy to help.

As a traveler, you can also ask questions about canceled or modified trips. Was your flight or transportation delayed or even cancelled?  We can help you to quickly obtain compensation from the travel partners involved.

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Do you have questions about travel law? Contact us and we will be happy to help.