Combat counterfeiting

Counterfeiting and piracy are particularly harmful to companies and their brands. Unfortunately, trade in counterfeit and pirated products continues to grow. The internet certainly plays an important role in this. . Nowadays, it is very easy to set up a temporary webshop, sell counterfeit goods behind an anonymous facade and then disappear.

We are very active in the field of IP rights and e-commerce. This combination of expertise helps us to regularly assist companies in counterfeit cases.

When it comes to counterfeit goods, prevention is certainly better than cure. This means that, as an entrepreneur, you must ensure optimal protection of your IP.

IP law provides a wide range of protection mechanisms to safeguard your intellectual assets:

  • Your content (exts, images, visual art, graphics, layout and design, and software code can be protected by copyright law)
  • You can protect your brand name, product name and logos through trademark law
  • Drawings, models and designs can be protected by design law
  • Inventions can be patented
  • You can also safeguard your trade secrets and know-how
  • You can also protect your IP through confidentiality agreements, non-compete clauses, licensing contracts, etc.

As an entrepreneur, it is important to have a solid IP strategy and to take preventive measures to ensure the optimal protection of your IP. Those who cover themselves optimally in advance can act much more efficiently later in the event their products, services, content or brands are counterfeited. Be sure to contact us to discuss your IP strategy, we are happy to make time for you.

We can also certainly assist you in defending your rights when your goods were counterfeited.

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The right strategy and the right choices are crucial to achieve maximum results with minimal time and cost investments. That is exactly how Sirius Legal operates. Together with our clients, we consider how to hit counterfeiters most forcefully and which remedies we should use. Our senior lawyers have decades of specific experience in IP disputes and can guide you through the maze of counterfeiting seizures, strike proceedings, summary judgements and damages proceedings.

We work with trusted experts and permanent bailiffs. And as always at Sirius Legal, we offer you maximum transparency, clear agreements, (where possible) fixed rates and speedy and professional services.

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