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Whether it concerns your music, books, scripts, program formats, designs in creative sectors, software code, web or app design or your brand name or logo, your photos and product descriptions or your know-how, you are always looking for the best possible protection of your IP.

At Sirius Legal, we know the ins and outs of IP very well. We have been assisting artists and performers, production houses, TV stations and advertisers, software, web and app developers and quite a few creative entrepreneurs in other sectors for over 20 years.

Is your content protected or protectable? What IP rights can you invoke? How do you prevent your commercial partners from stealing your idea? How do you ensure that you receive an appropriate remuneration for your work and creation? Is it best to transfer your IP or opt for a license or right of use? How do you optimize income you generate from exploiting your IP? 

We deal with these and countless other questions on a daily basis. We advise our clients on protection under copyright law, software protection, database law, designs and models, trademark law, know-how and trade secrets, …

Trademark applications, IP filings, IP contracts, anti-counterfeiting, cease and desist proceedings and damages claims for infringement of your IP, domain name disputes, registration with collective management companies, … Whatever aspect of the optimal protection of your IP, at Sirius Legal we confidently bring more than 20 years of experience to the table.

Our lawyers have been working for artists, musicians, writers, advertising and TV creators for over 20 years. We are particularly proud of the fact that the collective management company Sabam and several museums, such as the FOMU in Antwerp,  regularly rely on our services. We often collaborate on projects and books concerning the protection of IP. For example, we have recently contributed an extensive chapter on copyright in the “Handboek Kunstrecht” published by Intersentia.

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More about intellectual property

Combat counterfeiting

A copycat has gotten hold of your product and is selling it online or on the black market at rock-bottom prices. Take action right away, but do get guidance from an expert!

Tax optimisation

No one likes to pay more taxes than necessary. Do you have a creative profession? With the copyrighted content you create, you may be subject to a significant tax benefit!

IP contracts

Good contracts make for good friends. The same applies to your intellectual property. Your creations are golden, protect them well!

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