Tax optimisation

Are you an author, musician, journalist or creative mastermind? Then you may be able to get a nice tax break through a transfer or license of your copyrights. We help professionals almost daily with the most advantageous and fiscally secure set-up of their copyright income.

Since 2008, the law stipulates that fees for the transfer or license of copyrights and related rights are considered, in certain cases, as withholding income. This means that you do not pay a personal income tax on this income (often with an average tax burden of 35 to 45%), but only a lump-sum withholding tax of 15%. In addition, you may first apply a flat-rate expense deduction, which means that your copyright income is only taxed at 7.5% to 11%.

This is clearly very compelling, but you have to be careful as a creative entrepreneur. There are a lot of conditions that have to be met to qualify for this tax break, and moreover, you cannot just suddenly claim any amount of income as royalties from copyright exploitation.

That is exactly where we can assist you. We analyze your personal situation in detail, compare it with all publicly available rulings and decisions of the tax authorities, and provide substantiated advice. For instance, we review the following matters: 

  • Do you even qualify for the favorable tax regime?
  • For what amounts can you benefit from this system in complete safety and with minimal risk of tax audits

We do not only inform you on how to get started with royalties, but we also ensure that our advice is so well substantiated that you can use it as defense and proof if discussions with the tax authorities arise. We also take care of all necessary licensing contracts between you and your company and/or with your customers. If necessary, our services can also include adapting your invoicing terms and conditions and we are happy to consult your accountant on this.

Tax advice is certainly expensive. Do you feel that the actual financial benefit you receive from such a tax break is actually lost on your lawyer or tax professional? Not at Sirius Legal. Transparency, clear price agreements and correct rates are sacred to us, as is fast and friendly service and professional advice. That is why we always offer our copyright tax advice at a fixed rate. For €1450 excl. VAT you can purchase the entire service package as described above.

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