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14.11.2023 Bart Van den Brande

Dealing safely with AI in your company: 5 core steps towards safe use of AI tools

How do you prepare your company for the use of AI within your teams and what are the risks you need to take into account? We ...

02.10.2023 Roeland Lembrechts

The latest developments of the CRA: what a CISO needs to know

Europe has not been idle in recent years in terms of legislative initiatives regarding cybersecurity. Both existing and future ...

22.11.2022 Bart Van den Brande

Are unsubscribe lists forbidden?

As a marketeer, you know the stress about unsubscribes to your newsletter. With every new newsletter, you see the list of ...

07.11.2022 Bart Van den Brande

The Digital Services Act has been approved: targeted advertising will soon be restricted

Over time, we have published several articles about the upcoming Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act on this blog. The ...

19.10.2022 Bart Van den Brande

Abolition of the Belgian copyright tax optimisation for non-artists: legally and economically a big mistake

In the recent coalition agreement, a remarkable decision was taken regarding the copyright tax optimisation regime. The minister ...

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02.02.2022 Bart Van den Brande

Google Fonts on your website? Do not share IP addresses with Google because of GDPR

We have to admit that we ourselves were a bit surprised when we read a recent German judgment.  It taught us an unexpected ...

16.12.2021 Bart Van den Brande

Software distribution: a seller of software licenses may be protected as a commercial agent

Software distribution comes in all shapes and sizes. Often a “reseller agreement” is concluded between software ...

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26.11.2021 Bart Van den Brande

Can you be prosecuted for a negative review: free speech or not quite?

Online reviews are everywhere these days. This digital form of word-of-mouth advertising gives consumers a voice while at the ...

23.11.2021 Roeland Lembrechts

Standards for secure websites: what does this mean in practice?

On the 22th of October 2021, the Belgian Data Protection Authority (GBA) ruled on a complaint regarding an unsecured connection ...

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