Ellen Permentier

In 2022, I graduated with a master’s degree in law from KU Leuven. My focus was on economic, international and European law. Through an Erasmus programme in Cologne, I was able to further expand this knowledge. Moreover, it allowed me to get to know a group of friends with different cultures but similar interests.


About Ellen

​I then started a Manama IP and ICT Law, Brussels campus. Intellectual property and new technologies interested me throughout my studies in Leuven. This makes the link with Sirius Legal obvious. The fact that Sirius Legal, as a medium-sized firm, is closer to their clients appeals to me. I also developed a passion for sustainability and the connection with consumer law and intellectual property.

​In my spare time I like to be creative, visit art/design museums or take a walk in nature.
I also like to sit on the terrace when the weather is good. Finally, I am a fan of adventure travel.