Marinus Vromans

I studied Dutch law at Utrecht University, European law at the College of Europe in Bruges and Belgian business law at the University of Antwerp.
I am a member of the Antwerp Bar. Apart from Dutch, I work in English, French, Spanish and German.


About Marinus

My interest was and still is in international (cross-border) business law. As a Belgian lawyer with a Dutch passport, I mainly advise Dutch and other foreign business clients who are looking for support in Belgium. In the 20 years that I have been working in Belgium, I have built up an extensive network of service providers, which I can offer to my clients.

My experience as a Dutch lawyer (Amsterdam) facilitates communication with Dutch lawyers and their clients. If my expertise does not allow me to handle a case myself, I certainly know the specialist that a company needs. In such a case I am happy to refer the client and to help them further in their contact with my network.
At Sirius Legal we all have the same way of working: personal, short lines of communication, flexible and informal.

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