Roeland Lembrechts

I studied criminology at KU Leuven, before I went on to study law at the University of Antwerp. With this combined background, I started my career as a lawyer at the Mechelen Bar. 10 years later I became a partner in the fantastic project of Sirius Legal.


About Roeland

When I first started out as a lawyer, I had a broad interest in all fields of commercial law, but my real passion rapidly became clear. My greates satisfaction in work comes from the opportunities to help companies identify and eliminate legal risks and liabilities. The digital economy is one of the places where companies are most often confronted with unknown risks and challenges, which explains why technology and innovation are at the core of my expertise.

My focus is mainly on liability and legal protection in IT development, cybercrime and cyber security. A perfect cocktail for a lawyer with a background in criminology.
When I’m off work, I like to enjoy the little things in life: meeting up with friends, going on adventures with my two sons and, when possible, doing some sports.

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