Arina Gorbatyuk

Early in my professional life, I discovered my passion for IP law and made the decision to relocate abroad to study this fascinating field of law. While living and working in a foreign environment presented its challenges, the experience proved to be both mind-opening and enriching.

I started off my IP law career as a PhD researcher at KU Leuven. During this period, I earned my degree, secured two national academic grants, published several papers, and delivered presentations at multiple international venues. In 2019-2023, I also taught the course ‘International and European Patent Law’ of the KU Leuven Master of Intellectual Property and ICT Law.


About Arina

My continuous striving for professional development and strengthening my expertise led me to embark on a new career path. In 2023, I joined Sirius Legal, where I actively translate my theoretical knowledge into practical application. My responsibilities encompass advisory and contractual work in all primary fields of IP law and IT law. 

I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in Belgian law, a pivotal step towards transitioning from a legal consultant to an attorney-at-law. On a personal note, I find joy in reading, travelling, exploring cultural events, and spending time with my family.