Justine Schiepers

After obtaining my master’s degree in Economic Law at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, I decided to broaden my horizons by pursuing a second master’s degree in Global Management at Antwerp Management School. Thanks to this course, I gained a better understanding of business dynamics and international perspectives. Since September 2023, I am a member of the Antwerp Bar Association.


About Justine

My interest in the fusion between law and digitization originated in my master’s thesis. The subject of my thesis, “the electronic incorporation of a limited company”. I wrote this thesis during the covid pandemic, when it became very clear that the digitization of society is inevitable. There is no denying that technology not only changes the way we live, but also brings many important legal issues with it. I am passionate about guiding our clients through all these issues.


Outside of business hours, you will find me mostly with my friends and family, because I consider them the most important in life. I also have a passion for cooking and try to exercise as much as possible.